WOODSTONEGLASS design is a design and fabrication house that  specializes in cast and carved glass, sculpture, custom presentation pieces, carved stone and tile, architectural elements and pottery by artists Maggie and Syl Mathis.
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"Temple of the Boat People"  grouping - cast glass sculptures
"skink bowl" detail
detail of piece commisioned for the wedding of Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance
detail of "escape" - carved river stone
detail of etched glass privacy panel - front door of private residence
Carved Glass - A self-taught glass carver, Syl has pushed the limits of high pressure abrasive carving to create award winning designs with his deep carving and cut-through techniques. 
Sculpture - Syl Mathis is an award winning glass artist and sculptor. He is best known for his boat series of cast glass sculpture. Syl combines investment casting techniques, high pressure abrasive carving and cold-working techniques to create sculptural pieces in glass that often reflect stylized natural artifacts. He has exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally and is a studio artist at the Washington Glass School / Studio.
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​The Art Center Show
Grand Junction, CO
February 4-26, 2022

Grand Valley
​Open Studios Tour
Grand Junction, CO
Oct, 2022


Pottery - Maggie Mathis focuses on sagar and raku fired pottery. She is best known for her beautiful horse hair - carbon trail pots. 
Custom Presentation Pieces - With a reputation for high quality custom presentation pieces in stone, glass, and wood, we have created pieces for many individuals and groups including: National Outdoor Leadership School, Wharton Business School, Earth Treks Climbing Centers, USMC, FDNY, US-EPA, Potomac Conservancy, C and O Canal Trust, St. Albans School, National Cathedral School, Maret School, Corps Reform Network, ASC, University of Pennsylvania and more.
Carved Tile and Carved Stone - We are happy to provide custom design and carving services to create for you the most personalized look for your tile or stone details.
Architectural Elements - Are you looking to add a glass transom above a door? How about an etched glass partition or a carved glass privacy element added to a window? Our focus is on custom installations and helping you achieve the perfect personal piece of art for your home or office.
"skinks" (below), a carved glass vase by Syl Mathis is included in 500 Glass Objects published by Lark Books (2006)
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 Images below are of recently completed pieces. Contact us for a complete list of available sculpture with prices.
detail of "bridged" - 32" cast glass and oxidized steel sculpture
artifact #12 - 21"w x 6"h x 3.5"d - cast and carved amber glass, carved slate, copper yokes -  created for 2013 International Glass and Clay Exhibition
Contact us for a complete list of available sculpture with prices.
ancient ice - cast and carved glass on oxidized steel and cut river stone base. 28"w x 11"h x 3"d
iceberg - 36"w x 15"h x 5"d, cast and carved glass on metal armature with basalt beach rock base - 2018 - This piece was commissioned by Sarah Tanguy, curator of the U.S. Art in Embassies Program, to be part of the new permanent art collection at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway.
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                      NEW:     ANCIENT SPIRITS    series
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