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Gallery / Portfolio
Sculpture - Boat Series - cast glass
terra sigillata raku fired pot with ferric chloride and horse tail carbon trails
bamboo embellished lidded, terra sigillata raku fired pot with ferric chloride and horse tail carbon trails
group of four terra sigillata raku fired pots with horse tail carbon trails and ferric chloride rims
saggar fired pot
sagar fired vase
sagar fired vase with wire oxidation
terra sigillata raku fired pot with horse hair carbon trails
Sagar and Raku Pottery
"oak rim bowl" - cut through carved edge clear glass bowl - 12.5" dia. x 6'h
"skink vase" - deep carved clear glass vase - 12"h x 4.5" dia.
detail of "horse bowl" - carved clear glass - 12" dia.x 4"h
lattice carved and etched clear glass vessel - 5"h x 6" dia.
lattice and window carved leaf vessel, light blue glass, 11"dia x 9"h
deep carved "mountain" design vase - 12"h x 4.25"dia.
lattice carved "willow leaves" vessel - 2.5"h x 10"dia
"peach leaves" vessel - 6"h x 4.5"dia.
"oak rim"bowl - 6"h x 12"dia.
"pin oak" bowl - 4.5"h x 12.5"dia
"oak rim" vessel - 9"h x 6"dia.
"tall grass" cut rim vase - 13"h x 5"dia.
"skink" bowl - 4.5"h x 12.5"dia.
"sink vase" and "oak rim" bowl at Ellpise gallery show.
Carved Glass
Carved 6"x6" accent tile (one of 40) for themed kitchen design - private residence
Carved 12"x12" stone clock
Carved 12"x12" stone clock
Carved river rock - single skink design
Carved river rock - twin skinks design
Carved river rock - Twin skink design
Carved floor tile - private residence
Carved 4"x4" white accent tile for bath - private residence
Carved river rock - "escape" in and out design
Carved Tile and Carved Stone
custom finial - cast resin, gold leaf, polychromed
etched and shaded door glass - modified William Morris "strawberry thieves" design - eight levels of shading - private residence
detail of etched door glass
detail of carved glass kitchen cabinet door insert - vine design
Architectural Elements -
"beneath the surface"
Carved slate presentation plaque on walnut base for the National Outdoor Leadership School
Carved slate, carved glass, and figured maple piece commisioned for the wedding of Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance
Carved slate and carved glass trophy for the Allegheny Sniper Challenge
Carved glass vessel on walnut and carved slate base presented to Maria Tallchief by National Cathedral School
"wave award"  presented by Corps Reform Network
Carved slate plaque on walnut base presented by the Potomac Conservancy
Carved curved glass panel
Carved river rock presented by EPA
Carved glass on wood base trophy
Presentation Pieces
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. . .  Featured Piece  . . .

"red burst K-1" - cast and cold worked Bullseye glass
7"w x 3/4"h x 1"d
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Life-size cast glass coyote skull on slate base
"face totem" - cast glass and river rock - 11"h
"calming effect" - cast and polished glass on waxed thread, oxidized steel and slate base.- 18"h
Sculpture -